nicko cruises Excursions

Discovering a new world. Every day.

During a nicko cruises voyage every new day has its own magic. You visit seral countries and gain an insight into a variety of cultures. The best way to get to know a coutry and its people is to exoerience them at first hand. This is the reason for our wide selection of excursions ashore. We do recommend each and every one as they form the core of our cruise experience.

We take you to the major landmarks and show you unique landscapes and cities from a different angle. The excursions are carefully planned in order to ensure excitement and entertainment as well as to forge lasting impressions, on which you can later look back with pleasure.


It's best organized as a package

Our team of experts has bundeld the major highlights of every tour into an attractive package. Book our Excursion package in advance and receive a discounted price and greater peace of mind, as your place on the excursions is then always guaranteed.

Naturally you can also book individual excursions on board. For even more variety we offer a selection of further, optional excursions. Our on-board cruise staff are happy to advise you, as well as sharing with you their favourite tips for your individual visits ashore.

Please note, that information and excursions will only be provided in German language for individual travelers, except dates marked with guaranteed English language.

Easy listening

On all excursions we provide high-quality headsets free of charge. The small receiver and earpiece allow you to step aside from the group for a moment without missing ot on the guide's commentary.

The sets are easy to use and offer a full range of volume. The sound quality is excellent without interference. You can also use these sets with any normal hearing aid.