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The wonders of nature

Impressive volcano islands or spectacular panoramas under the midnight sun – discover beautiful countryside along the most beautiful European and North African coasts on the cruises presented in this catalogue on board VASCO DA GAMA. Experience, for example, the White Nights on our cruises to the Northern Baltics and to Russia. Observe the extensive coastal and marine life in Europe, such as grey seals, sperm whales and turtles. You might also see seabirds such as little terns and Balearic shearwater. Entire habitats with numerous endemic plants and animal species have developed on the Atlantic islands in particular. Our goal is to discover the wonders of nature with you. Our excursions are conducted quietly and considerately in small groups out of respect for the flora and fauna and the country and its people.

Experienced experts

All our excursions are led by local, German-speaking tour guides. This gives you a first-hand insight into the culture and nature of your travel destination. Our experienced excursion team has put together a fascinating blend of popular highlights and deeper impressions of the culture and natural beauty – including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On each cruise, a lecturer presents additional perspectives, insights and background in informative events on board the ship.

City tours, culture and history at first-hand

Between Porto and St. Petersburg, the metropolises symbolise vibrant life and cultural highlights. Discover the world-famous sights and the architectural variety that characterise each one of these cities. Our excursions offer you a perfect overview of these big cities with their splendid boulevards and historic buildings. Come and explore the testimonies of bygone civilisations with us, such as those of the legendary Vikings or the Romans. Small, untainted villages will fully immerse you in the culture of your travel destination.

We always find the right tone even whilst keeping distance

On all excursions, you will receive state-of-the-art, comfortable whisper audio systems to use for free. The receiver and earphones are as light as a feather and make it possible to choose the distance you want to be from others within the group without missing valuable information from the tour guide. This way you can always keep a proper distance on city tours and sightseeing – because we care about your health. They are easy to use and you can set the volume yourself. The sound and quality are noise-free and very good.