Latest Information: Covid-19

For our cruises, we are consistently following the destination-specific travel warnings and official requirements. A successfully established and proven infection protection concept is used both on our river and ocean cruises.

nicko cruises will continue to intensively evaluate all available sources and will continue to work based on facts and with confirmed information. If your trip cannot take place or is in question, we will contact you proactively. Otherwise, you can assume that we are fulfilling the travel contract as agreed.


Safety before departure and on board

nicko cruises has worked closely with its partner shipping companies to prepare for the current situation: The already very high hygienic standards have been tightened once again and also an infection protection-questionnaire for guests and crew members has been implemented, so that the guests experience a safe and relaxed cruise.

Together with the travel documents, all guests will receive the infection protection- questionnaire, which they must bring with them to embarkation. Only persons who have passed the questionnaire with no objectionable result will be admitted to board the ship. Therefore, we ask all guests who meet one of the criteria mentioned in the questionnaire to contact us at short notice at the following number: +49 711- 24 89 80 599

On our ships, hygienic standards are a matter of principle and continuous checks on board are carried out as normative. The already existing hygienic precautions are even tightened by introducing additional prophylactic disinfection measures. Additional measures will be taken to ensure the minimum distance of 1.50 m. A complete overview of nicko cruises' current measures for infection prevention can be found here.

Latest update: July 22, 2021