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Important travel information

Dear travellers,

We are delighted that you would like to go on a cruise with nicko cruises and are now starting to plan your  holiday. We would like to give you some tips that will help you to prepare. There are a few special features and useful tips that are worth knowing for every form of travel. We have picked out what we think are the most important things for you to have a relaxing journey.


Animals/bicycles/sports equipment

Due to the lack of space on board, we are unfortunately unable to take on pets or to transport sports equipment, such as bikes, surfboards, etc. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Your cabin number is usually provided with your booking confirmation. You are welcome to make a cabin request when booking, but please note these are requests and are not binding. Cabin numbers are expressly not a contractual component. Noises typical of a ship, e.g. from the ship’s engine, the air-conditioning system, ventilation, etc. can be heard in almost every room. All cabins and suites are outside cabins. On the WORLD VOYAGER, the Infinity Deluxe and the Veranda Deluxe Cabins can also be occupied by three people. Detailed information on the amenities of each cabin category can be found in the ship description from page 128.



The WORLD VOYAGER is full board and information relating to the services included in your cruise can be found in the trip details. Depending on the cruise route, the catering may include local elements. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style; at lunchtime you also have the option of visiting the Lido Café for a lighter lunch. Dinner is mostly served at your table. Meals are served in one sitting. Please inform us of any dietary requirements and special meals you require when booking. Suitable catering options will usually always be provided for you.


Changes to prices and services between catalogue printing and booking

1. The contractually agreed travel services in this catalogue are correct at the time of printing in September 2020. Please understand, however, that we expressly reserve the right to make changes to the services for objective reasons up until your booking request is submitted. We will, of course, inform you of these changes before concluding the contract.

2. The prices stated in this catalogue are correct at the time of printing and are binding for us as a tour operator. However, we expressly reserve the right – especially for the following reasons – to declare a change to the travel price before concluding the contract, which we will, of course, inform you of prior to booking:

• A corresponding adjustment of the price quoted in the catalogue is permitted after publication of the catalogue in the case of increased transport costs (particularly fuel costs); fees for certain services such as port fees or VAT; the so-called “bed tax” or a change in the exchange rates applicable to the trip in question.

• A price adjustment after catalogue publication is also permitted if the package tour desired by the customer and offered in the catalogue is only available through the purchase of additional tourist services (allocations). The regulations relating to price changes in our travel terms, which we expressly reference, apply to pricing made after conclusion of the travel agreement.


Changes to routes and services

Sea voyages are subject to the special factors of seafaring that we have no influence over. The shipping company therefore reserves the right to make changes to the cruise itinerary without prior notice, should they become necessary for safety reasons or due to sea, weather or ice conditions or due to travel warnings issued by the Foreign Office.


Children on board

Children up to age 4 travel for free. Children up to and including age 12 receive a discount as stated in the relevant price sheet if they are accommodated in a cabin on Deck 6 (category Infinity Deluxe or Veranda Deluxe) together with their parents. There is no further discount on special offer prices. Please note that there are no child-friendly entertainment programmes, childcare, toys, child seats or cots available on board. On boat excursions, children must be able to get in and out of the Zodiac boats without assistance. Therefore, for safety reasons, the captain will decide on child participation at every landing/with all trips.



We recommend wearing sporty, casual clothing on the ship. You should wear non-slip shoes on the outside decks. Neat clothes are required for dinner; you are welcome to wear something fancier for the gala dinner. For the onshore excursions we recommend clothing suitable for the weather conditions. For cruises in cold regions, we recommend warm clothing, even during the summer months, as well as waterproof and comfortable footwear for the onshore excursions. Due to infection risks associated with mosquitos, we recommend full-body, light clothing (long trousers, long shirts), as well as repeated insect repellent application on uncovered body parts when travelling in tropical areas.


Drinking water

As the fresh water on board the ships is always stored in tanks, we recommend not drinking the tap water and that you use the mineral water in your cabin and, if necessary, get mineral water from the bar, in the restaurant or at the coffee point on Deck 4 instead. The tap water is perfectly suitable for brushing teeth.


Electrical appliances

Irons, hair straighteners, immersion heaters and similar electrical appliances must not be used in the cabins for safety reasons. The voltage in your cabin is 220 volts. German plugs can be used without requiring an adapter. A hairdryer is located in your cabin and is free to use, while a laundry service is available for a fee.


Embarkation and disembarkation

Ships must sometimes change their berths at short notice despite what has been officially confirmed. If you arrive on your own, we recommend you arrive at the pier at least 3 hours before the ship is due to depart. Please note the precise embarkation times. Even if the ship arrives in the port earlier than planned, the crew must use this time to clean the ship. Please understand that you will not be able to board the ship until the specified time. Disembarkation on the day of departure is usually by 9:00 am.


Environmental protection

Your ship is operated with a low sulphur diesel (MGO) and has the latest generation diesel-electric hybrid engine manufactured by Rolls-Royce, which is low emission, consumption optimised and computer controlled. This makes travel as environmentally friendly as possible, even in sensitive ecosystems. WORLD VOYAGER has an SCR catalyser for the treatment of exhaust gases, which reduces emissions by up to 95%. In addition to a variety of waste prevention measures, we use an innovative thermal waste treatment on your ship, which leaves just biochar as a waste product. Please do your bit to protect the environment by using resources sparingly and helping to preserve our wonderful destinations for generations to come.



The optional excursions often have a minimum or maximum number of participants. Detailed excursion descriptions and prices will be sent to you approx. six weeks before departure. They will also be displayed once you are on board. If you do not participate in an excursion you have booked (whether in advance as a package or directly on board), the cost will not be reimbursed. Arrival and departure times are guidelines. All cruises may require schedule changes. The captain will decide the best course possible depending on the conditions. We reserve the right to change times, itineraries, excursion programmes and prices.


Excursions on Zodiacs

The manoeuvrable Zodiac boats (robust, motorised inflatable boats) allow you to explore the waters and land in scenic areas and in places that are usually less developed. For all landings in Zodiac boats, travellers will be expected to wear suitable (preferably non-slip and waterproof) footwear. Each traveller must assess their level of physical fitness and participate in the expeditions at their own risk. Training in safety measures for landings and trips on Zodiac boats is mandatory for all participants. Please note that it is not usually possible for people with limited mobility to get in and out of the Zodiac boats, and that trips may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions for safety reasons. This decision is made by the captain.


First aid on board/medical care

A doctor and a nurse sail on the WORLD VOYAGER to provide first-aid assistance in the event of accidents and emergencies. Billing for the doctor’s services and, if applicable, medication that has been administered, is carried out on site. Our on-board staff (e.g. at the reception desk) are unable to dispense any medication. Please ensure that you have an adequate supply of any medication you need on a regular basis and carry it with you in your hand luggage. You should also have enough of any medication that you might need, e.g. headache tablets. We assume no liability for any medication and urgently required medical equipment that is carried in your suitcase. We strongly recommend you take out international health insurance, which also covers the cost of medically necessary repatriation to your country. Our WORLD VOYAGER is subject to strict hygiene regulations, which are constantly monitored by the ship‘s management. For your own safety, we have hand disinfection equipment in multiple places around the ship, which every guest should use as often as possible to prevent the inadvertent spread of pathogens on board. The transportation of medical electrical equipment on board is possible on request. Please note, however, that temporary power fluctuations can occur on the ship. It is generally not permitted to carry oxygen tanks on tour coaches.


Guests with physical limitations

Your ship will be as comfortable as possible, but there will of course be staircases, as well as narrow doors and corridors. Even boarding or disembarking from the ship is usually via narrow gangways, which are not always at ground level and, depending on the tide, can also be very steep. If you are not able to handle these obstacles on your own, an ocean cruise on our ships is not recommended. Our crew is of course on hand to help, however, please bear in mind that our on-board employees are not trained caregivers and are not permitted to carry out any nursing activities. If you require specialised help, you must travel with a companion. Our ocean ship is not disabled accessible.


Internet on board

The WORLD VOYAGER is equipped with a satellite reception system and offers WLAN internet connection for a fee (please note the ship information). Continuous reception cannot always be guaranteed; there may be interruptions to network coverage on the high seas. Please understand that we are unable to reimburse you for costs caused by coverage interruptions. In order to guarantee a stable internet service, there are restrictions on certain streaming providers and internet services. For more information please refer to the on-board ABC information in your cabin. If you have any questions, please contact the reception desk staff who will be happy to help.



Your luggage must only contain personal items. It is forbidden to bring weapons, knives, alcohol or drugs on board. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring beverages or food on board. This also applies to anything bought for consumption during shore excursions. The hotel management is happy to store local products/souvenirs that you wish to take home with you for safekeeping until you leave the ship. In accordance with the rules of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), every piece of luggage – including hand luggage – is examined during embarkation.


Passenger manifest

For all of our cruises on the WORLD VOYAGER we require information from you in advance of departure in order to draw up a passenger manifest. This helps the ship to be cleared faster by the authorities in the various ports we visit and therefore shortens waiting times for you. Information provided for this passenger manifest is subject to the Privacy Policy. You will receive further information with your booking confirmation.



Please check that all necessary papers and records are valid well in advance of your trip. We would like to point out that you are responsible for having the appropriate travel documentation, visas and for complying with the vaccination requirements. Please note the “Important Travel Advice” at the end of the respective travel chapter in this catalogue. Austrian and Swiss citizens, as well as other nationalities, should contact their responsible consulate or travel agency. In the event of non-compliance with the passport, visa and vaccination regulations, travel may be prevented or it can lead to considerable costs for the passenger. If a cruise cannot be taken due to improper documentation, there will be no refund of the travel price. You will not need a visa for the Russian Federation when travelling as part of our excursion programme in St. Petersburg. If you plan on taking shore leave in St. Petersburg on your own, a visa is a mandatory requirement. The visa is not part of our travel services and each guest is responsible for procuring their own visa. You can obtain a visa for Russia either directly through the responsible consulate/embassy service centre in your country or use a visa service to apply on your behalf. We are happy to provide recommendations should you wish to use a visa service company. Please read up about any customs regulations along your cruise route in advance of departure.


Payment on board

The currency on board is Euro. You can pay for beverages you consume on board and trips booked on board at the end of your journey in cash in Euro. You can certainly also pay your onboard bill using your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) or your debit card. Please note that paying with a credit card will incur a transaction fee. In some circumstances, fees for foreign travel may be incurred by your bank or credit card company for card payments, as the WORLD VOYAGER sails under the Portuguese flag. Please note: Money cannot be exchanged on the ship.



You can send post while on board. The post will usually be sent when we reach the next port. Postcards and postage stamps can be purchased at the reception desk on board, but please bear in mind that prices on board may often be more expensive than on land.


Pregnant guests

At the point of departure, pregnant passengers must present a medical certificate as verification that there are no medical concerns about their participation on the cruise. Please note that you will not be able to come on the cruise if you are already in the 24th week of pregnancy or have a high-risk pregnancy.


Risk coverage documents

Your travel price is ensured in accordance with EU guidelines. You will receive the travel price risk coverage document with your nicko cruises travel confirmation.


Roads/ship moorings

Each ship has a berth in each port, which can be changed by the authorities at short notice. These are not always centrally located. You will see the anchor symbol in front of various docking points in your cruise itinerary; this means that your ship will not dock at a pier – it will anchor at a safe, designated place or, in nautical terms, it will be lying “in the roads”. Please note that it is always the responsibility of the port authorities to assign our vessel another berth at anchor in the roads at short notice; this is beyond the control of the shipping company. In these cases there will be a regular shuttle service between the ship and port, which will either be on tender boats or on the ship’s own motorised Zodiac boats. Disembarking depends on weather conditions. Unfortunately, for security reasons, customers who only have limited mobility cannot make use of this service. This also applies to guests with severely impaired vision.


Services not included in the price

Please note that the following services are not included in our travel prices: individual travel to and from the ship, excursions – if not expressly stated as being included in the price – insurance, beverages, tips (we recommend €13-17 per day/person), other personal expenses.


Ship equipment

On board your ship you will find communal facilities such as a spa area or fitness room which you are free to use. Use them at your own risk. Massage treatments are available for a fee. There are chairs, tables and sun loungers in the pool area. Please understand that there is a limited number of outdoor furniture, which is the maximum number possible for the deck space. The usability of the pool and whirlpool depends on the current and forecasted swell and weather. If conditions are unsuitable, they will not be filled with water. The decision is made exclusively by the captain. Please note that the on-board shop is only available outside the 12-mile zone.


Shore excursions

Onshore excursions organised and combined for you by nicko cruises take you to some of the most beautiful countryside and important sights along your cruise route. You are, of course, welcome to explore the holiday destination on your own. You are able to leave the ship when the authorities and ship’s captain have officially approved disembarkation and the corresponding announcement has been made. Please refer to the daily programme for information on when you should be back on board. The ship is unable to wait for late passengers due to the berthing times agreed with the port. Any extra costs incurred (such as hotel or additional transfer costs) will not be covered. If your ship is at anchor off the coast, landing will be in a tender boat.



Smoking is only permitted on labelled outside decks. Please only use the ashtrays provided. All internal areas such as restaurants, lounges, cabins, corridors, etc. are non-smoking areas.


Telephones on board (communication)

It is possible to make calls on board from cabin to cabin. It is also possible to call ashore via a satellite link. The costs of this, however, are high and we recommend using your own mobile phone (please check with your provider for information on roaming charges).



It is common practice around the world for a satisfied guest to reward the services of staff accordingly. The amount tipped is, of course, at the guest’s discretion and should be in recognition of good service. We recommend €13-17 per guest and per overnight stay for the ship’s crew. The cruise director, local tour guides and bus drivers are not included in this. You can, however, also thank them by giving them a tip.



Your ship has flat screen TVs that work with a satellite system, so television reception is guaranteed for most of the trip.



A yellow fever vaccination is mandatory when travelling from yellow fever areas to the Caribbean and Cape Verde Islands. Please also note here the “Important Travel Advice” at the end of the respective travel chapter in this catalogue. Each guest is responsible for meeting the entry requirements at each of the respective destinations.



All cabins are equipped with a small safe box in which you can store your valuables. However, we recommend that you do not take items such as expensive jewellery, etc. on the cruise. We sometimes visit parts of the world in which for our standards lower affluence levels are considered abundant wealth, and the display of valuables can evoke covetousness. We would like to point out that valuables, such as cameras, jewellery, cash and other expensive items, must be carried in your hand luggage. Liability for valuables lost in unattended checked-in baggage is excluded.


Do you have any further questions? Contact your travel agency or us.

We will be happy to help! Telephone help line: +49 (0) 711 24 89 80 33