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Excursions on your expedition cruise

Intensive and exceptional: discover, experience, explore.

The exciting shore excursions are the highlights of any cruise. This is a truly intensive way to discover the flora, fauna and culture of your destination between the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Explore the important sites of the Mayan culture, stroll through lively big cities such as Lisbon or discover the breath-taking Norwegian Fjords. Our small ship gives a relaxed start to your trip – a maximum of 200 guests means there is no hustle and bustle when leaving the ship and no queues at the excursion desk.

The wonders of nature

Impressive fjords, secluded beaches with crystal-clear water, Mediterranean climate or spectacular evening sunsets – our WORLD VOYAGER means you can discover magnificent landscapes along the most beautiful coasts and islands of Europe, Central America and the Atlantic. Follow in the tracks of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, geckos, parrots and many others. Our goal is to discover the wonders of nature with you and to protect them for future generations. Our excursions are conducted as carefully as possible in small groups out of respect for the country and its people.

Experienced experts

All our excursions are led by local tour guides. This gives you a first-hand insight into the culture and nature of your destination. Our experienced tour team has put together a fascinating mix of popular highlights and behind-the-scenes insights – including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world.

Individuality away from the masses

New impressions and unique experiences are the distinguishing features of a cruise with our expedition ship. Plunge into the real life of your destinations and enjoy boundless natural experiences. Away from the “beaten track” of mass tourism, you’ll get to explore some unique places. Whether on the Norwegian indoor passage or on the Finnish Åland Islands, to the Azores and Cape Verde in the rough Atlantic or the Caribbean Islands of San Andrés and St. Lucia - you will visit places that are simply not accessible to larger ships. In London you can experience the Tower Bridge being opened especially for WORLD VOYAGER and the ship arriving in the heart of the centre of the British metropolis.

Get even closer in small boats

Our Zodiacs get you even closer to spectacular riverside landscapes. These sturdy, motorised dinghies get you up close to flora and fauna. With a little luck, you’ll even see Cozumel Island coatis, flamingos, turtles and pink river dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, for example, up close in their natural habitat. For selected cruises, itineraries and excursion programmes may be adapted and supplemented with Zodiac trips, depending on official approvals and weather conditions.

A variety of destinations – a variety of opportunities

Whether it be the Azores or Northern Europe, the Caribbean Islands or the metropolises of the Baltic - all cruise lovers will find the suitable trip for them in our cruise programme. Our excursions are as diverse as our travel destinations! Enjoy local specialities, hike in unique countryside or marvel at cities and museums. How would you like a helicopter ride over Monte Carlo, a canal trip through Copenhagen or a snorkelling trip in the Caribbean?

Do you prefer to explore travel destinations on your own? Our central berthing locations put you right at the centre of the action in most ports and give you the ideal starting point to discover the surroundings yourself.

Enjoy nature around the world

Marvel at deeply etched fjords or discover secluded beaches with their crystal clear waters. Wander through Mediterranean countryside in the Balearic Islands or discover the beauty of Cuba. Impressive volcanos on the Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean or in the Caribbean give an impression of the elemental forces of the earth. You can look forward to unique encounters with the world of animals at your travel destination too, of course, with iguanas in the Caribbean, for example.

Culture and history at first-hand

Discover the testimony of bygone civilisations, such as those of the ancient Romans and Greeks, or follow in the footsteps of the legendary Vikings. Untainted villages will immerse you in the culture of your travel destination. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous museums beckon you to marvel at their splendour. Our experienced tour guides offer firsthand experience of culture and history, as well as glimpses behind the scenes.

Cities of the world up close

London, Lisbon, Havana, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg – the names of these cities alone symbolise vibrant life and cultural highlights. Discover the world-famous landmarks and the architectural variety that characterise each one of these world cities. Our excursions offer you a perfect overview of these big cities with their splendid boulevards and squares.