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Covid-19: Latest information

nicko cruises cancels all cruises up to and including end of April

Due to the tightening situation regarding COVID-19 and the resulting entry and berthing restrictions in Germany and various destinations, we have decided to cancel all cruises until April 30, 2020. We ar in the process of gradually contacting the guests and travel agencies affected by the cancellations.

"Our decision follows the political decisions and official instructions, which make it impossible to carry out the trips in the coming weeks. The restrictions on entry and the regulations regarding gatherings are measures taken by governments to contain the corona virus/COVID-19," explains Guido Laukamp, managing director of nicko cruises. We are counting on the measures currently taken to be effective and on the prospect of soon being able to cruise again, so that we can continue to offer unforgettable travel experiences", Laukamp continued. We are in the process of gradually contacting the guests and travel agencies affected by the cancellations.

We have already prepared intensively for the current situation with our partner cruise operators: The already very high hygienic standards were tightened once again and also a health screening for guests and crew members was implemented, so that the guests experience a safe and relaxed cruise. These precautionary measures will now be implemented from the resumption of cruise operations on May 01, 2020.

Safety before departure and on board

Together with the travel documents, all guests will receive a health questionnaire in accordance with current WHO recommendations, which they must bring with them to embarkation. Only persons who have passed the health questionnaire with no objectionable result will be admitted to board the ship. Therefore, we ask all guests who meet one of the criteria mentioned in the questionnaire to contact us at short notice at the following number: (+49 711- 24 89 80 599). We are convinced these precautions assure that you will have a safe and relaxing cruise vacation with nicko cruises.

On our ships, hygienic standards are a matter of principle and continuous checks on board are carried out as standard. The already existing hygienic precautions are even tightened by introducing additional prophylactic disinfection measures. These include the provision of additional disinfection equipment and disinfectants with virucidal effect and additional cleaning and disinfection cycles with virucidal surface disinfectants in cabins and public areas on all ships. Guests as well as crew members are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly on a regular basis and to use the installed disinfection equipment frequently and thoroughly.

Latest update:  March 20, 2020