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In the Middle Kingdom

A river cruise in China? Unbelievable? Yes, unbelievably beautiful! 6,300 km long, the Yangtze is the third longest river in the world. Its Chinese name is Chang Jiang, which quite rightly translates as "Long River". On its journey from the mountains of Tibet to the East China sea, it divides the Middle Kingdom into north and south.  The Yangtze offers a number of superlatives: It is not only the longest river in Asia but also one with the most densely populated banks.  Around 400 million people live next to the river, approximately a third of whom are Chinese. But there are more superlatives: You will also discover the Three Gorges Dam, the Great Wall of China and the beautiful landscape along the river cruise from Yichang to Chongqing. A river cruise through China offers a great deal of diversity: Tradition and temples, high culture and high-rise buildings - many things are united in this exciting part of the world.