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Volga & Neva

In the land of the tsars -unique countryside and impressive cities

Russia: this imposing country has vast expanses, spectacular bulbous spires and golden domes, priceless works of art, folklore and costumes, a warmly hospitable people, and last but not least, it is the birthplace of some exceptional personalities. Moscow, with the Red Square and Kremlin as well as numerous theatres, museums, galleries and universities, is the country's political, economic, religious and cultural centre and represents modern Russia. The Russia of the tsars can be experienced in St. Petersburg. Built on 44 islands in the Neva delta, the metropolis shines in full glory with its splendid palace and park complexes.

The Volga and the Neva, waterways and rivers, canals and lakes connect the two metropolises. The river landscapes provide an insight into Russian history and culture; not only their melancholy atmosphere but also the enchanting Old Russian towns and monasteries will fascinate you. Discover the face of Russia on a river cruise through the country of large dimensions.