Casual luxury in Pharaohs country

A fascinating metropolis, like a city out of 1001 Nights, awaits you in the capital, Cairo. The Egyptian Museum offers you an in-depth look at the culture of this fascinating country and the Pyramids of Giza, a wonder of the world, have always inspired travellers from all over the world. On Lake Nasser, the world-famous temples of Abu Simbel are waiting for you. Since the time of the Pharaohs, the Nile has been of fundamental importance for the country: a unique fertile earth with thriving vegetables, grain and fruit.

On both sides of the mighty river some of the greatest cultural treasures of the world can be found. Gain some fascinating impressions of over 5,000 years of history along this vital artery of Egypt. Discover a land full of marvels - a constant balance between the vibrant life of the Middle East and the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians. Let yourself be drawn in and immerse yourself in a long vanished and yet unforgotten age.

A Nile cruise give you the chance to travel through time during your holiday in Egypt.