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The "Nine Dragon River"

The Mekong is probably the richest in fish of all the rivers of the world and therefore provides the lifeline for many people along its banks. On a journey of at least 4,300 km from the Tibetan highlands to the South China sea, it flows through six countries, sometimes wild and stormy and sometimes placid and languid.  The river has many faces and many names. In China it is called "Wild River", in Laos and Thailand it is known as the "Mother of all waters", in Cambodia the Mekong is simply called "Large river", and the Vietnamese call it the "Nine Dragon river", alluding to the nine branches which the Mekong forms south of Saigon before flowing into the sea.  On its way through Cambodia and Vietnam, the river passes many and diverse attractions: for example, the largest temple complex in the world and charming colonial towns. The Mekong is one of the few rivers in the world which are still unregulated, i.e. in their natural state. Wild beauty which rewards discovery!