Through the birthplace of port

  • Rundreise Dourotal
Rundreise Dourotal


The scent of dried spices and grass hangs in the air; an intoxicating landscape presents itself with towering slopes and wine terraces of many different shapes, with their plump grapes straining towards the sun. The river gracefully makes its way through what is probably the most spectacular wine region of the world - the birthplace of port. This uplifting view will double your enjoyment of the famous wines.

From its source in Spain, the Douro flows across Portugal from east to west and ends in the Atlantic at Porto. Wine has been cultivated here intensively for centuries. In former times, mariners would transport the barrels on boats all the way to the port wine cellars. Picturesque vineyards adorn the river banks. Along the river are enchantingly beautiful medieval towns boasting wonderful architecture. This region historically attracted Romans, pilgrims and nobles, all of whom created idyllic beauty spots here.

And finally Porto, cradle of the glorious Portuguese fleet, with its mixture of traditional and modern architecture. Without a doubt, this impressive tour has a special charm promising a river cruise for all the senses.

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