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Dalmatian coasts

One country, a thousand islands





The Croatian Adriatic awaits its visitors with crystal-clear, turquoise water and a Mediterranean climate, rugged coasts and a veritable archipelago of islands. In the interior, large mountain ranges taper off towards the sea into secluded bays; the unique scenery boasts spectacular waterfalls and beautiful lakes set in a craggy landscape. The country enchants visitors with its breathtaking, natural beauty, and became world-famous as the setting for the "Winnetou" films. The Silver Sea is just one of the spectacular motifs in the popular films.


As well as seemingly endless nature reserves and nature parks, there are charming ports, old cultural sites, churches, cathedrals and monasteries as well as historic city centres in a country which includes numerous UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. Perhaps the most beautiful city in Croatia is Dubrovnik, also called "The pearl of the Adriatic"; its historic centre is car-free, and its history began in the 7th century. You will be impressed by the variety of towns and countryside on your journey.




nicko cruises river cruises on Dalmatian coasts

Dalmatian coasts

8 Days Trogir-Split-Omiš-Dubrovnik-Hvar-Trogir

Bathing bays and city walks.

8 days


from € 1.149

Season 2021 Incl. scheduled flight & excursions

Dalmatian coasts

15 Days Trogir-Zadar-Dubrovnik-Trogir

The full length of the Dalmatian coast.

15 days


from € 2.899

Season 2021 Incl. scheduled flight Incl. excursions