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Excursions on your expedition cruise

Intense and exceptional: discover, see for yourself, experience.

The high points of every cruise expedition are the exciting excursions on land. From the Mediterranean to Brazil to Northern Europe, discover the flora, fauna and culture of your destination in depth. Explore the spectacular fjords, stroll through lively cities such as Valencia or get to know the vivacity of the lifestyle of Brazil. On our cruise ship WORLD EXPLORER, your excursion begins in a relaxed way – with a maximum of 200 guests, there is no crush when leaving the ship and no queuing at the excursion desk.

The wonders of nature

Boiling geysers, lonely beaches, impressive fjords, a Mediterranean climate or eternal ice – with our WORLD EXPLORER, you will discover magnificent landscapes along the most beautiful coasts and islands of Europe and the Atlantic. Follow the tracks of whales, dolphins, puffins, elks and others. Our aim is to discover the wonders of nature together with you and to preserve them for future generations. Our excursions are carried out in small groups in a fashion that is respectful of the land and its people.

Experienced experts

All our excursions are accompanied by local guides. This means that you will get a first-hand, in-depth look at the culture and nature of your destination. Our experienced excursion team has put together an interesting mixture of popular highlights and glimpses giving an inside view – including numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites all over the world. When you travel to Iceland and Greenland, professional expedition leaders offer their accumulated expertise on excursions, in the Zodiac and on board our WORLD EXPLORER.

Mysterious places away from the crowds

New impressions and unique experiences are the distinguishing features of an expedition cruise with our WORLD EXPLORER. Immerse yourself in the authentic life of your destination and enjoy limitless natural experiences.

Away from the "well-trodden paths" of mass tourism, you will explore places you would never find with other cruise operators. Whether you're passing through the Norwegian Inner Passage, are in Prins Christian Sund in Greenland or on the Vestmannaeyjar islands off the Icelandic coast – with our WORLD EXPLORER, you can reach places where the big ships cannot come.

Up close in small boats

With our fleet of expedition boats (Zodiacs), you can get very close indeed to the spectacular shore scenery. In these sturdy, motorised inflated boats, you can get close enough to touch flora and fauna in Iceland and Greenland. With a bit of luck, you might also see whales and other coastal creatures up close in their natural environments.

A variety of destinations – a variety of options

The Mediterranean or Northern Europe, Brazilian beaches or great Western European cities – all those who love cruises will find the trip they want in our sea cruises range. Our excursions are just as varied as our destinations! Enjoy local specialities, hike through unique scenery or be amazed in the cities and museums. What about a helicopter flight or a trip on the largest big wheel in Europe, the famous "London Eye"? Our tip: Make sure of your plans and book at a preferential price. With our excursion packages that can be booked in advance, you can secure a guaranteed place for the excursion highlights of every cruise.

Would you prefer to explore your destinations on your own initiative? Because of our central mooring locations, you can quickly reach the centre of activity in most ports, placing you in an ideal position to start off on your individual discoveries.

Enjoy nature all over the world

Marvel at the steep-sided fjords or discover lonely beaches with crystal clear water. Hike through Mediterranean scenery on the Balearic Isles or discover the beauty of the Amalfi coast. Impressive volcanoes in the eternal ice, in Sicily or in the Canary Islands give you an impression of the earth's primal forces. Of course, unique encounters with the animal world of your destination, for instance with cute seals on the islands of the Norwegian Sea, are also waiting for you.

First-hand experience of culture & history

Discover the evidence of long-lost civilisations such as that of the ancient Romans, follow in the tracks of legendary Vikings or discover more about the world of the Inuit. Authentic villages allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of your destination. Numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites and famous museums invite your admiration. Our experienced excursion guides make you feel as if you are living culture and history first hand and provide deeper insights.

Great cities of the world beside the water

London, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Valencia, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg – just the names of these great cities stand for pulsating life and cultural highlights. Discover world-famous sights and the architectural variety that distinguishes each of these world cities. Our excursions give you a perfect overview of these great cities with their splendid boulevards and squares.