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Right across the Equator

A journey across the equator passes over the two halves of the earth. It leads past Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. The flower island of Madeira lies impressively in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Eternal springtime is here at home. The volcanic island of Tenerife is dominated by the Teide; the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a quintessentially picturesque old town. The Cape Verde Islands are seen as an insider tip in the Atlantic Ocean with dreamy fishing villages and pristine beaches.

Brazil is the country with a completely different way of life. There is the samba bustle of Rio and the drum rhythm of the Afro-Brazilian Salvador. Nature blooms all year long, the landscapes as enchanting as any painting. The music, lively volume and pure joy of living are contagious. The 8,000 km long Atlantic coast has paradise beaches, called “Praia”. The beach is the most popular meeting place for people. There is colour and spirit everywhere. The southern hemisphere is a special region. With good weather, exotic culture and the exciting history of the seafaring nations. The journey and its many impressions will remain with you forever.