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South America

A continent full of spirit

South America is a continent of contrasts. It is most developed on its south-eastern side, on the Atlantic Ocean. Magnificent coastal landscapes such as Ilha Grande or the Río de la Plata and bustling cities feature in this special, highly contrasting cruise. The influence of Spanish culture, especially in its architecture, is particularly visible in cities such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Este. The variety of flora and fauna beckons you to explore.

South America’s inhabitants form an extraordinary part of the human race. They are spirited, proud, have a sensory view of the world and show their very own lust for life. Music plays an important role, as does dance, especially the tango. And on top of this, heavenly beaches are there in abundance, as well as forest landscapes, which you can almost see growing in front of your very eyes. And colour is everywhere; these Southern people would not be able to imagine their everyday life without colour. The climate is also easy to tolerate and the weather is relatively reliable. The southern hemisphere is a special nature zone. Travellers will come across very exclusive moments.