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New: Amazon & Orinoco

Amazonas & Orinoco

On these cruises, you will discover the endless biodiversity of the Amazon region. You will get to know friendly people in Santarém, on a boat trip to the Maica Lake or on a sightseeing tour in Parintins, where they celebrate the Boi Bumba, one of the largest folklore festivals in Brazil. Immerse yourself in a world full of colour, in which you will experience the music, dancing and folklore up close. You will hear the sounds of the rainforest: the macaw squawking, songbirds tweeting polyphonically and the toucans circling majestically over the countryside flooded with water. You will visit indigenous villages, where locals will demonstrate their traditional dances. This is aworld of enchantment and magic.

The Zodiac trips are a highlight of this cruise. In the green paradise of the Amazon, in the branchy labyrinths of the Orinoco or in the Breves Channels, our experienced expedition guides will take you right up close to the fascinating nature and its world of animals. Talks from the experts on board will also bring you one step closer to this unique natural paradise and its inhabitants.