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Baltic Sea & Baltic States

Hanseatic cities, cultural metropolises and unique archipelago landscapes

A journey along the shores of the Baltic Sea is characterised by continual change. You can expect knightly castles, winding old towns and churches that stretch up towards the sky, as well as white Baltic beaches and national parks with beautiful nature. There is also the culture and history of the Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia. Although they are connected by long coastlines on the eastern Baltic Sea, their languages and traditions offer many exciting contrasts.

The Russian city of St. Petersburg has golden domes, onion-shaped turrets, magnificent boulevards and squares. Helsinki and Stockholm are among the most vibrant cities in the north and lie in the middle of unique archipelago landscapes. Go on a journey through time on Bornholm, Gotland and the Finnish Åland Islands.

All of the cities have one thing in common: They are all close to one of the most beautiful seas - the Baltic Sea. You can look forward to cruises that take you from Germany to its neighbours on the Baltic Sea.